Friday, April 27, 2007

Southern Hospitality

I am so thankful for Southern Hospitality. Living gluten free in Atlanta isn't as hard as one could imagine because most will help you along the way. Last night I dined at The Old Mill Restaurant in Historic Down Town Acworth. The restaurant recently renovated an old mill near the rail road tracks. This old building has sat empty for years; no roof, no windows, completely in shambles. Now it is a beautiful sparkling for anyone, unless you are a Celiac. After reading the menu most of which was fried or covered in bar -b-que sauce I turned to our wonderful waiter. I explained my "allergy" and gave him a few examples of what I couldn't eat "NO Flour, NO Soy Sauce, NO WHEAT". He asked for a few menu items I was interested in and then headed to kitchen he came back with a "we are going to have a time with you". All of the restaurants steaks were marinated in soy sauce, the bar-b-que was definitely not safe and the soups and dressings all had flour in them. So what is a girl to do? We figured out that i could eat the shrimp and grits with no bar-b-que sauce on the shrimp. So that is what i had (and a half bottle of wine~ If you can't eat you can always drink!). It was hard watching my family members ewe and ah over the wonderful corn bread, the luscious crab cakes, and one of my favorites fried green tomatoes. It was a wonderful dining experience in all because the staff was so helpful. Even the chef came out to make sure i was satisfied.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gluten Free Atlanta

Why the Blog.... we all need a little help in finding resources and some of the wonderful little Gluten Free Jewels in and around Atlanta. I hope I can bring many enjoyable experiences for of you in the metro Atlanta area... and travel with me in my adventure of a gluten free life.